Dr. Angela Mawson

Dr. Angela Mawson grew up in the Midwest and moved to Connecticut in 1999. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan University in 1996. She continues to study the most up to date cutting edge techniques for pain relief, helping those who are suffering from acute and chronic debilitating pain, those without any hope. Dr. Mawson has expanded her treatment expertise with coursework in functional medicine, nutrition, and NRCT. She uses a whole body approach often getting results when others have not.

Dr. Mawson frequently lectures to the public on a variety of current healthcare topics. She is a member of the Foundation For Wellness Professionals, a national non-profit organization of doctors dedicated to volunteering time to the public about the most up to date, safe and effective natural solutions to common health concerns. Dr. Mawson provides in her office and in the community, free workshops organizes wellness days and health screenings with businesses, groups and other members of the community. Helping those individuals lead happier healthy more productive lives.

Dr. Mawson sees patients from all over New England at her office in Columbia, CT.