Posture:  “Stand up Straight”

Do you remember when your parents told you to “stand up straight”?

Have you repeatedly told your kids to “stand up straight’?


Guess what? Your parents were right, and so were you!


Why? Proper posture is important not only because our parents told us so, but also because our health can depend on it.


For some of us, we may not be able to stand or sit straight because muscles and joints have adapted to a slouched posture.  For others, that posture may be due to injury or occupation, recreation or chronic health conditions. And for some, it could be related to less than ideal sleep patterns.


So why is posture even a concern? Research has shown over and again that posture can, over time, cause significant health problems and even decrease life span.


Some of the most common discoveries in research and studies found that less than optimal or proper posture can lead to a number of health problems. Poor posture can contribute to or increase depression (San Francisco State University). Breathing issues, as well as decreased circulation and blood flow, have also been associated with poor posture (Harvard). In people over the age of 25, prolonged periods of sitting, defined as sitting for periods longer than an hour, can reduce life span by 21.8 minutes per hour seated (Australia ) The risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease doubles for those who sit for prolonged periods of time (Australia).


This matter of proper posture can be an issue for many of us in our jobs, our hobbies, and our lifestyle. Does your job require you to sit a lot? At a work station or a computer? How about when you are sitting at home – what is your posture like? How about when watching TV?  Do you have difficulty healing from a workout injury? Or do you no longer have the flexibility you think you should have?


How does your posture impact you? Your children? Your spouse?


And what about the postural changes introduced by our technology? We now recognize the head forward, downward-looking posture as “Text Neck” or “Technology Neck.” This position impacts our muscles and joints and can become a habit that leads to less than proper posture. And this ultimately can lead to an overall decrease in our health.


Do you ever look in the mirror and see unlevel shoulder height, rounded shoulders, hips that are not level, your head forward of shoulders, or head tilt? Yes? Well, what can be done at this point if you find that less than proper posture is affecting your health?


Could someone who works with structure and posture help to correct this?


There is something that may be able to correct this posture before it gets worse and causes greater impact on your overall health.


MPS is a specific type of technology that enables the healthcare specialist to measure posture at a deep level. This technology was originally designed for use on professional athletes to detect imbalances in muscles even before they had symptoms. This allowed for fewer injuries as well as improved on-field performance. MPS technology can be used on anyone to measure muscle imbalances and degree of change in order to work toward making corrections to restore proper posture.


Postural changes do not have to keep you from leading the life you want to live.


Dr Angela Mawson is a Chiropractor in Columbia, CT, with a specialized wellness practice that utilizes this MPS technology and testing to get a deeper understanding of some of the issues and conditions that you, your family and friends may be suffering with.

Dr Mawson has been in business since 1996 and in Connecticut since 1998, serving local communities, businesses, and families with Chiropractic, Acupuncture, MPS testing, Nutrition counseling, and Weight Loss. Her wellness office located at 186 C RT 66 East Columbia, CT. You can reach her by calling 860-228-2662 or visiting