What Is Maximum Performance Solutions?


Maximum Performance Solutions is an evaluation system that was designed and is utilized by athletes of all ages and levels, including professionals.

This technology has been helping 1,000s find relief faster and enhance overall performance. We are extremely excited to be able to present this technology to each and every one of our patients.

The best part is, these evaluations are done from your phone and submitted for review through the Maximum Performance Solutions app. Results are then sent back to you and our office with suggested at-home exercises (also found in the app). We take these evaluations and develop an enhanced treatment and rehab program to help you find relief faster.

I highly encourage you to join us in this amazing new system. I know it’s going to help everyone get the results they are looking for!


Why Maximum Performance Technology?

Maximum Performance Solutions is designed to help people of all ages and backgrounds achieve maximum performance.

It doesn't matter if it's on the playing field or at work. The goal is the same. Get your body to achieve its maximum performance level.


According to Robert Donatelli, PhD, PT, an overuse injury in sports is very common.

Proper training and balancing of the muscles is absolutely of the utmost importance in preventing overuse injuries. Proper body posture is the pinnacle of muscle balance.


Why Body Language Affects Mood??

The way you sit makes you happy, sad or depressed. It sounds strange, but researchers at Ohio State University found that nodding or shaking your head affects your attitude, even if it’s unintentional.

Erik Peper, a Dutch behavioral scientist also researched this topic. He found two key facts about posture that will help you on the job, today:


  1. Sitting straight increases the likelihood that you'll think positively. The next time you struggle with a negative attitude or workplace drama, sit straight. Your mood and mindset will change, allowing you to focus on work and get more done.


  1. Skipping during regular breaks increases energy levels, but walking while slouching or slumping drains your energy. During your next break, stand up straight and skip down the hall to the copy room, bathroom or lunchroom. Your co-workers might look at you funny, but you'll face all the projects on your desk with renewed energy.


Posture Also Affects Hormones

Difficult tasks, hostile clients or boring projects take the fun out of work. However, if any of these productivity killers affects you, use posture to your advantage. Simply stand up and extend your arms and legs. Stretching as tall and wide as possible expresses your power and tells your brain that you're ready to tackle anything.


Researchers at Columbia University and Harvard University concur that posture affects hormones. People who stand in powerful, expansive poses experience decreased cortisol and increased testosterone levels. This hormone combination increases leadership ability and disease resistance. A powerful pose can also help you take risks and land new clients, ask for a raise, or approach a problem resourcefully.


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