Dr. Mawson and her staff are amazing. They are very kind, caring and knowledgeable. I was so impressed with Dr. Mawson’s friendly and professionally approach. She always takes time to answer any of my questions or concerns. I have been suffering from severe headaches, Knee and back pain for over 15 years before I met Dr. Mawson. I am so thankful to have her as my doctor. Dr. Mawson has been able to manage the level of pain that I have been experiencing for so long. I feel more comfortable and confident to do my daily functioning.

-Sousan Mohammad Javad

Great wellness facility. I had to get my DOT exam done very quickly because my previous one was expiring soon. They scheduled my appointment very fast and it was really affordable. Dr. Mawson is a great medical examiner. I definitely recommend this practice.

-Farzad Faghri

Chiropractic care not only helped my son with his major bowel issues and autoimmune problems it also helped with his autistic tics and language. Super happy with the care he has received! If you have a child with autism I highly recommend Dr. Angela!

-Rachael Curtis

Dr. Mawson has been doing a special technique on my neck that allows an almost full range of motion that did not have when I came to see her. When I first saw her 7 months ago I could not turn my head to either side or up and down well.
She has used acupuncture and essential oils to successfully treat migraines as well.
My mom started seeing her a few months ago. After several sessions, she was able to really feel her feet for the first time in years (she has diabetes and her feet have lost much of their feeling).
I have recommended her to friends who have found amazing relief for varying issues. I can't say enough about Dr Mawson, she really has a healing touch!

-Wendy Sears

I've been seeing Dr. Mawson for about 6 weeks. She is amazing! I was in extreme pain in my lower back and hips prior to working with her. The pain is already almost completely gone, and she's also focusing on other issues that I have. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Mawson and her staff. She has improved my quality of life and I'm excited to continue my treatment plan.

-Rebecca Browne

I started seeing Dr. Mawson in May of this year for chiropractic care I have seen several chiropractors in the past but no one who has explained so thoroughly the importance of spine alignment and the impacts misalignment can have on every system in the body, especially the lungs

I am a chronic asthmatic and have been diagnosed so since infancy. I have seen countless doctors and tried numerous alternative medicinal remedies, but none have been as successful as my care under Dr. Mawson.

With a combination of reduced consumption of inflammatory foods, exercise, and regular chiropractic care, I have had significant improvements in my asthma Before treatment I used my fast acting inhaler almost every other day I do regular cardio exercises to keep my lung function as high as possible During the spring time, when pollen counts are high, I would have to reduce my outdoor exercise routines because of severe loss of breath I have been on steroids for my asthma almost"twice a winter to overcome normal colds.] regularly see a pulmonologist to maintain a traditional western medicine approach as well I was doing everything within my control to better my asthma with no change in my condition

Since seeing Dr. Mawson and receiving adjustments two times a week, I have only used my fast acting inhaler 14 times I was able to run outside throughout the entire summer and have overcome a common cold without the need for steroids or antibiotics. A recent lung function test also confirmed an improvement in comparison to all of my previous exams I have never seen this significant of a change in my asthma before! I am excited to see the changes and improvements that occur as I continue care with Dr. Mawson.

-Christina Glass